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I would appreciate if you guys could maybe give chloecuddles a big hello and welcome to the fandom. She is honestly a lovely girl, she’s new, and her blog is amazing.

Thanks again


I’ve seen chloecuddles around tumblr, she seems really sweet and I love her blog!

Awww omg thankyou so much!

Yall are so cute!

Hey guys, I won’t be blogging (very much) or giffing (at all) over the next couple of weeks. My grandfather is in hospital with pneumonia and is very ill. He is one of the most important men in my life and blogging and doing anything is really hard. I would appreciate prayers and thoughts. Anything really. 

And thanks to all those who sent me messages over the past few months asking about my sister’s progress. She is doing very well. Her bmi is still very low but, she is almost back to full health, minus her liver which is still in bad shape due to her G6PD. 

Love you all :)



My favorite part in Chloe’s solo "seeing red."


christi wanting chloe to have a normal life and not pressure her into homeschooling is good parenting A+ good for you

melissa wanting kenzie and maddie to be the best that they can be in the dancing world and having them home schooled is also good parenting A+ for you too melissa you go

Nia Frazier; from sloppy side aerials to turning like a pro in 3 seasons.

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